Monday, October 13, 2008

Tagged...5 for 5 for Michelle!

10 years ago...

*I had recently moved to Fort Collins, Colorado (those that know me know why I had to move away from my home town, and my sweet aunt and uncle had felt sorry for me!)
*I had just started my job at a place called Scuba Schools Intl. It was the most fun job ever, and allowed me to certify for nothing!
*I refused to date group hang outs were as fun as I got.
*I was applying to colleges there, hoping to attend CSU, but then realized I would be paying double tuition, so that became out of the question...
*I was very lonely and very confused. I didn't know WHAT I was doing, or WHY. Thank goodness my 19th and 20th years only lasted as long as they did!

5 Things on Today's List (How about tomorrow, since it's 8:30 pm)
*Pick Jackson and Caroline up from school at noon
*Play volleyball and laugh with a few awesome women
*Do a Halloween craft with my kids, that I have been promising for days now
*Go to a baby shower
*Love my husband! He's been putting up with a lot from me lately!

5 Snacks
*This time of year - anything with pumpkin or caramel, I'm a sucker for!
*Beef Jerky if I have it
*Chips and Salsa

5 Things I would Do If I Was a Millionaire
I can't even begin to name just five things, because I know that I would be so eternally grateful to not have to worry about money my answers would be nothing short of paying off all debts, saving for the future, helping out others, and buying the things that meet our needs and some of our desires. (Does anyone honestly think that Russ would still go out to dinner without a coupon - even if we were millionaires?!) We have had this conversation - we would live comfortably, but we would spend more money SEEING places, with and without our children!

5 Places I've Lived
*Heber City, UT
*Ephraim, UT
*Fort Collins, CO
*Northridge, CA
*Las Vegas, NV

5 Jobs I've Had
*The Heber City Railroad (aka Heber Creeper) -that was the longest summer of my life!
*Admin Assistant for several corps
*Dealer Sales Rep for Scuba Schools Intl.
*Education Assist. for the Utah College of Massage Therapy
*Massage Therapist

5 People I'm Tagging
I know I'm lame, but I finally sucked it up and did a tag, so I tag anyone that hasn't done one...they are always fun to read on everyone else's blogs!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Weekend of Bliss!

There are some vacations that are much needed that don't feel like a bunch of work and you actually come home feeling rejuvenated...and we were lucky enough to be a part of one last weekend! Russ had taken a few days off work, and we took the kids to Disneyland - which was magically decorated for Halloween. We ended up meeting up with the Roeth's for a little bit, which was icing in the cake for Jackson especially, and we had a great time as a family for the day. Max is getting more and more excited about rollar coasters - just like his brother did at his age, so the Matterhorn Bobsleds and the rollar coaster in Toon Town were just the perfect rides for his thirst for a thrill.

Then we drove to San Juan Capistrano, which was only about a 25 minute drive, where we met up with the Carruths, the Nielsens, and the Bowmans for a few days on the beach! Bill planned a birthday celebrations for Emilee at his grandparents beach house, and we were so excited to go and be a part of that. The beach house was literally right ON the soon as you walk out the back door, a breath taking view of the ocean awaits you, and there was sand-o-plenty to satisfy every child's wishes and desires for creating something, digging around, or just getting nice and dirty. We rode bikes up the coast, (pulling the children in bike trailers) stopped and got ice cream, took walks along the beach, chased the waves, (or ran away from the waves - depending on who you are talking about!) ocean kayaked, played and dug in the sand, read books and relaxed, hit golf balls, did some shopping, played games til we were all blue in the face, (I don't think Scattergories or Kings Queen and Peons will ever be looked at in the same way again!) played at the park, laughed a lot, enjoyed a great birthday dinner bbq - finished off with the most amazing chocolate cherry cakes (made by Emilee's sister-in-law) that I've ever tasted, learned how to boogie board, and cried when we left! It was nothing short of a great time, which was had by all, and the kids all played so sweetly together....and all went to bed sweetly together by 7:00!

Thanks again Bill and Emilee for a perfect weekend of great memories!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I think I'm blaming Emilee for this one!

This morning, I was getting the kids breakfast, trying to be goofy and make the boys laugh...until the joke was on me. I asked the boys a bunch of questions, followed up with "Who loves mommy the most?!" Dead silence. Nothing. No response, not a giggle, not a murmer. Nothing. And then Jackson busts out laughing, and cracks, "AWK-WARD!!"

I wondered where on earth he got the word even from, until I was on the phone with Emilee this afternoon, and she said it JUST the way that he did! So if this is what he took away from listening to the adults over the weekend, I'll take it! I love that he not only SAID this word, but DEFINITELY knew just HOW and WHEN to use it!

A fun visit from Grammi and Papa

The kids were spoiled rotten a few weeks ago when they had a 5 day visit with Grammi to themselves, followed by a weekend of fun with Papa too. Unfortunately, we kept forgetting our camera, so we only got shots of the last few things that we did! But they had a great time staying with Grammi at her "hotel", swimming in her pool, going out for dinners, doing things on the strip - (things that they have never even seen before!), and just being with their grandparents in Vegas. Thanks Grammi and Papa, the kids had a blast, and we were lucky to have you here!

Some things deserved to be remembered...

It was just too quiet one afternoon, when friends had come for a visit...too quiet meaning, we knew something had to be up. So I walked upstairs, into darkness, due to all the doors being shut, opened up Jackson's door, and found this:

Followed by a screech from Jackson: "Mom! Get out! Jade and I are reading the kids the Book of Mormon!"
I guess having a day of tripumph and knowing you are getting through a little bit makes all the other bad days worth it!

I also had to put this picture into this post, because I have never seen my boys sleep like this ever, but it was too sweet not to snap - even if I was risking waking them up at 6:00 am!