Friday, November 14, 2008

Gotta love our Max!

Yesterday at Target, the lady that was checking us out was a little bit "dfferent" looking. She had on VERY thick eye liner, that covered almost her entire eye, and then came out quite a bit on the sides. A little different, yes. But leave it to my 2 year old to say, as we are walking away..."Mom, her eyes are yucky." Enough said. Sorry to the lady if she heard. A 2 year old never lies.

These could not be forgotten!

Permission was granted, so a robbing of pictures was in order! My sister-in-law Kristin, who also happens to have a photography business, took some killer shots of Russ's family members over the birthday weekend, and I wanted to post them for others to enjoy. She truly has a talent, and was able to capture some pretty great moments. Here are some of my favs! I think I blogged about the Wii games played over the weekend. Who knew Grandma was such a competetive bowler!
Playing in Papa's park, one of the kids favorite things to do!
Kristin's kids with Aunt Sparklie and Noah!
Russ's sister, Suzanne's little ones.
One of my favorite faces to look at everyday!
The kids loved trying to play bocci ball with the adults at the beach.
My other two favorite faces to look at everyday!
Russ cousin, Michael, who everyone thinks look so much alike. I beg to differ!
Grammi and her siblings. She has some great family members!

Who knew this many people could fit into one house and have such a great time together!
It's already been said...the coolest and hippest 85 year old woman I know!
Love this one of Grammi and Papa!
A great picture of Russ and I chasing the boys!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thanksgiving TURKEYS

You know you are having a good time when there are 8 children, 2 enthusiastic moms, 2 crafts in mind, lots of frosting and candy, and scissors, and no one is screaming, throwing a fit, or behaving badly. Marci and I decided to brave the craziness of the situation, and do something fun with the kids this afternoon. My children LOVE making crafts, and were thrilled to do them with friends. Our first craft was making Indian Tepee's. (or if you are asking Max, Pee-pees!) This is what we were trying to make them look like:
And here are Jackson and Max's tepees:
Theirs defitely has a LOT more character and personality! (We were thinking they made really cute Christmas trees too, so we may be repeating this craft next month!) As messy and as non-transferable as they were, they kids sure had a good time frosting them and decorating them. They didn't know what tepee's even were, but I don't think it mattered!
The other craft was making turkeys out of their hands and feet which they thought was also great fun, and Jackson loved cutting and creating his to make it his own. Thanks Marci for making our afternoon a lot more fun!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What we have been up to!

This may prove to be the longest post ever, and for all of you that keep telling me that I haven't updated my blog are going to be sorry! We have definitely not been bored lately, and have been blessed to be able to spend time with family and loved ones doing some fun things!
First things family came into town a few weeks ago, and the kids were estatic to have them at their own home for a few days. We went hiking at Red Rock for one of the afternoons, and that was all the pictures I somehow got. But mom and dad, and Mahoney clan, we had a FANTASTIC few days with you, even if you play the wrong rules to Settlers. We missed you from the minute that you left, and Jackson and Max keep asking if you are coming back any time soon. So consider that another invitation!
We then got to head down to beautiful San Diego, to not only get to play with cousins all weekend, but to help celebrate Grandma Hats 85th birthday with her! It was a true surprise, since all of Liz's siblings and their children came in for it, as well as Russ's whole family, so it was a crazy and wonderful fun-filled weekend. We got to do a lot of fun things, but I think the boys' highlights of the trip was playing with cousins (old and young) at Papa's park, jumping on the tramp with way too many people at all times, sleeping in the motorhome with Grammi and Papa, going to the beach and making a bonfire, and swimming in the pool. Oh, and of course challenging Grandma Hats to bowling on the Wii and realizing that she's better than most of us! That is something Jackson still talks about to this day. We love you Grandma Hats!

Russ pulled an all-time infamous move, and found tickets to Universal Studios and to the Wild Animal Park for all four of us - all for $20. So even though we probably won't go back to either of these places any time soon, it was definitely worth the money that we put into it! The kids were semi-interested in the things at Universal was a little disappinting that there wasn't more for them to do. Max FREAKED out when we were watching the fire demo, but they both loved seeing the characters (without long lines to meet them!) and they loved the ball area, where they could do whatever they wanted and not get into trouble.
We also spent a few hours at the Wild Animal Park, and the kids loved seeing the giraffes, the lions, the elephants, and the rhios. But there wasn't a whole lot of shows or anything else to do there, so we felt pretty good about the few hours that was spent there!

Last but not least...the Halloween of all Halloweens! We missed our ward's trunk or treat so we crashed another ward's where the stash of trash began. Then on Halloween day, a bunch of friends went to the Haunted Shark Reef where all kids got in free if they were dressed up, and got to trick or treat there AND see the fish! They had a BALL. That night we got together again with a bunch of friends and went trick or treating around their neighborhood. Jackson had decided at the last minute to change his mind on being a power ranger again, to being a member of the SWAT team, and he was a very handsome SWAT man. Max decided also at the last minute - to not be a Christmas present (which he had been saying for weeks he was going to be!) and he was a very cute Peter Pan. We had not yet carved pumpkins, so instead of making ourselves more crazy for more candy that would be donated to Russ's work (or the bishops office!) we went home and carved pumpkins finally. Halloween is a great holiday - and it's fun to have it here, and it's fun to have it over too.