Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, we finally did it. We finally stopped talking about putting the boys together in the same room, and finally just did it. Max and Jackson are officially in the same room together, and absolutely loving it. The other room turned into an "official" play room. (aka: somewhere to SEND the kids to play in, mess up, and not have their mom over their shoulder, picking stuff up as they go.) And Jackson has been a pirate lover for awhile now, so a pirate room he got. Now he likes to pretend to be a pirate and a power ranger at the same time, so that's quite the interesting make believe fight to listen to....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jackson moments...

I know the comments that come out of any three year old mouth can usually be pretty funny, but lately, Jackson has had some really funny ones, and they always seem to happen on Sunday, when we are trying to teach him something spiritual. So the first one happened last Sunday, which was fast Sunday, and we were on our way to church. We hadn't had a chance to open our fast as a family yet, so Russ and I took that opportunity to not only open our fast with the kids, but to also talk about why we fast, and what we fast for. He asked us what we were fasting for that day and we told him that we were fasting for rain, so that we will have enough water for our needs. Then I started to tear up and cry, and told him that we were also fasting for our Grandma Ruth, who has not been doing very well. To which Jackson responded right away, "Mom, why are you crying? You're not even at the microphone." -Tell me, what do you say to that???

Next one was today at church, during the sacrament. I had pulled him on my lap, and was asking him what things we could do this week to be more like Jesus. He thought about it for a quick second and then very seriously responded, "Die." Again, I ask, what do you say to that?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Are you kidding me??

Looks like a sweet face for one minute....

Yes, he's smiles now when he's doing it, which makes it even more frustrating, and funny at the same time...

Max has taken up a "new" way to tick off his parents lately, which has almost now become the family joke. When Max gets in trouble, or we are getting mad at him, instead of screaming at you, (which is a nice break!) he rolls his eyes, shuts his eyes (hoping we will disappear???!!) or looks at anything up at the ceiling. I know that I roll my eyes, but I didn't know a ONE YEAR OLD would pick up on something like this, and I was able to catch a few of these "irritated" moments of his....he's getting funnier and funnier by the day.

Friday, November 2, 2007


I forgot to add in our pumpkin carving fun this year! We went to the Lee's house for family home evening, and I would say Jackson was as involved in his pumpkin carving as much as any three year old boy could be....(it could have been that he picked out a pirate-looking pattern for his pumpkin, and he wanted to make sure that it turned out JUST as it should!) Max also took special interest in cutting up his pumpkin with the carving knife - under his dad's "supervision." He was NOT a happy boy when the knife was taken away from him after the pictures were taken!

Happy Halloween-ie!

Jackson will be the first one to tell you that he changed his mind three times this year about what he wanted to be. (well, four actually, if we are staying true to his first request at wearing his Peter Pan costume from last year again.) He first desperately wanted to be a pirate, because that is what he wants all over his room, then he saw a spiderman costume, which he thought was awfully cool, and when we were buying that costume, he saw a POWER RANGER costume. That was the end of all other requests. A blue Power Ranger he was, and although he had not seen a power ranger cartoon, he sure knew how to act like one. Max's costume was decided at the Disney store, when we found it on clearance for $10...he could have worn nothing and been just as happy. But he sure made a cute little Jack-Jack, which scarily enough - he looks an awful lot alike from the movie. They had a great time trick-or-treating for the most part, until it was time to leave, which Jackson boldly declared at US AS THE PARENTS..."I don't want to go to another house. I want to go home and go to bed." (how can you argue with that??!!)

Good friends & fun in Park City!

One of the couples that we went on the cruise with this summer has a huge cabin up in Park City. (well, his parents anyway...) And to say "huge cabin" is also an understatement. It was GI-NORMOUS and BEAUTIFUL. 5 bedrooms, all equipped with own bathroom and huge flat screen tv's. (note: bathrooms come equipped with heated floors and steam showers) Two very large flat screens in family areas, a craft room for the kids, a pool table, a jacuzzi, and our personal favorite room....the theatre, equipped with 3 rows of 6 red leather reclined seats each. (Um, the adults spent most of the nights in there, watching 2 or 3 movies a night! -Or sleeping, if you were Russ....) We had four families up there, with 9 children, and although it got crazy at meal times, it was so much fun and a great get-away-for-a-too-short-weekend. The kids had a blast, and Jackson asked when we could just move in...we also went to Thanksgiving Point, where the kids had a great time doing all the activities there. Utah just really knows how to show kids a good time for a lesser price!!