Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet Friends & Story Time

Need I say more about the pictures?

The last two Wednesdays have been a day to look forward to...we stumbled across story time at the Town Square Mall in their park area, and it has become something that my kids ask daily for now. In their defense, I'm in love with the story time people just as much as they are! They are a very sweet adoptable gramma-and-grampa couple, she with a strong British accent, and he with the energy and enthusiasm of a 4 year old, and together, they are magical. They read them stories, he performs magic tricks, they have a bubble machine that blows hundreds of bubbles at one time, they give out prizes, they sing songs...if you live in Vegas, and haven't been there, you need to go check it out, just be prepared with swimming suits for the kids to go cool off in the water afterwards!

FHE Miniature Golfing

My boys have become obsessed lately with golfing, which is much thanks to not only their dad, but also to their Papa Mark, who lets them hit (softer) golf balls around their front yard when they are visiting. And I have to say, they both hit the ball very well, and have pretty good swings. So when Russ passed Trafalga last weekend in Utah, Jackson was bound and determined to find somewhere down here to play that "fun golf." Luckily we had gone with some friends a few weeks ago and found an indoor mini golf place, so we knew where we could go. To say the least, the boys LOVED it, and haven't stopped talking about it since. They both hit the balls surprisingly well, and we didn't have one catastrophe during the whole 18 holes. Jackson's claim to fame that night: hitting the ball in the hole for the hole in one and free game on the 18th! You couldn't have wiped that smile off his face if you tried, and was proud that he beat his daddy on at least one hole that night!

FINALLY...we have a camera!

There are some excuses that work when no pictures have been taken...and having no camera is definitely one of them. However, my determined husband (to find the best deal on what he is buying) finally came through, and we are taking pictures like crazy again. The boys are the most excited, because every time they would do something funny or cute the last few months, and yell, "take my picture!" all for me to say "I am! In my mind!" didn't fly very well. So we are very grateful for Russ who finally found one that suited his price, and the people at Target who probably ended up giving him what he wanted, because he doesn't let down very easy. (when you buy the demo, you can argue the price, right?!) So here we are, starting off with a bang!

Russ took the boys last weekend to Utah to "spend the weekend with my family, and let my parents enjoy their grandsons for a few days." Or, if we are being totally honest attend the BYU/UCLA football game. Either way you look at it, it was a very quick trip, two very long drives, lots of fun for my boys and my family I think, and three tired boys by the end of it. My kids really missed going up to Utah and spending time with Papa in his garden this summer, so I'm glad they got to catch the end of it. We are still enjoying the veggies that he sent back with them, so thanks dad!
I'm pretty sure this was taken on the drive up there...they didn't get up there until probably 1:00 a.m.

And finally...we are proud to be blue fans!! I'm glad my husband's trip wasn't in vain! The game was definitely not a let down...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

ER trip #4 for the year...

Yes, tis true. We spent yet another night in the ER with Max (first time for Max) on Thursday night, wondering if we should go and perform our own surgery on him because we had to wait so long. Let's back up a bit...

Max had told me earlier in the day that he had shoved a peanut up his nose while we were out running some errands. Why this little two year old shoves up anything in such a weird hole is beyond me, but this is not the first time he has put things up his nostrils and had them stuck. Anyway, I will admit that I somewhat disregarded it, due to the fact that he kept sneezing and had sneezed a part of it out, and I couldn't see a thing up there when I looked, and he didn't seem like he was in any discomfort.

Later that afternoon, he woke up from his nap, crying and screaming and telling me his nose hurt. That's when I knew we were in some trouble. Russ came home from work, I was finishing up dinner to rush off to an enrichment that I was participating in, and I told Russ that maybe he would want to take him to the quick care and have them look at it. Again, nothing could really be seen all that well...but I didn't want to ignore the fact that Max was going a little nuts. (oh, am I funny?!)

Five hours later, a trip to the quick care and then to the ER, and at least 15 attempts and a few doctors later, the peanut was dislodged from way up high, and Max was able to stop screaming at the top of his lungs at the "mean men" to stop. I will admit that he seemed mostly fine while waiting, but when the doctors came around to even look up his nose, all heck broke loose, and Max was once again ballistic. It was a little tramautic, both for Russ and I and poor Jackson, who wouldn't leave his brother's side. I hope we have learned our lesson this time, and hopefully we won't be putting things up weird holes, and for all those who think we have some sort of "punch card" at the ER, or are getting some sort of discount for being their Most Valued Customers...we still have to pay at least $100 per visit just like everyone else!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some things you need to remember...

It's no secret that I haven't kept up on the blogging very well lately, but since we still have no camera, I blame it mostly on that. However there are a few things that need to be remembered for later, and sometimes, being a parent is the best job in the world. The things you hear out of your children's mouths for example...

A few weeks ago, Russ had come home for lunch, and had gone over to the fridge, gotten out a carton of juice and swigged the last of it...meanwhile, I'm saying, " should get a cup..." and before I can even say anything more, I hear Jackson pipe in, saying, "Yeah, dad, 'cause I'm watching you, and I will probably do whatever you do so you shouldn't do things like that." Um, no more words needed to be said after that reprimand!!

Tonight was a different that I'm afraid of more to come! I had taken the boys to Golden Spoon for a treat (mostly for me!) while Russ was at Young Mens, and we were outside, enjoying our yogurt and the nice weather...when a very overweight man walked by us. (In Max's defense, of what is to come, this poor man looked extremely uncomfortable and was having a hard time even walking...) Anyway, the next thing out of my two year old's mouth is, "Mom, he wearing fat pants?" I still pray to the heavens that this man did not hear him, and I did my best to try and not make too big of deal out of it, (and not die of laughter at his innocence at the same time!) but what was I to say?!