Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our first Merry Christmas at HOME!

We had our first Christmas at home, and it was so nice to just have a few calmer moments after our crazy week of birthdays! We went to the Morgans for Christmas Eve dinner with the Keslers, and we had a great time. The food was delicious, the dessert was to die for, and the company we enjoyed definitely helped us not miss our families as much! The kids put Nativity scene, and it was adorable, crazy, and fun. Jackson was picked to be a shepard, and didn't want to do it, until he realized Max was going to be one of his sheep! He was a little more willing after learning that fact...I don't know that any of them really understood everything that we were trying to have them do, but it was fun anyway. It was such a fun night, and we are so thankful to have great friends who we consider our family down here!

C H R I S T M A S M O R N I N G!!!

The pictures show it all...we have been truly blessed this year, and the boys faces were priceless on Christmas morning. We put the boys to bed around 9:00 Christmas Eve, and an hour later, I went in to check on them - and Jackson was sitting on his bed, with his head behind the blinds, looking out his window for Santa to come. It was very innocent - and brought back all the memories that I had as a child - wondering how Santa would really come, and how he would really be able to bring me everything that I had always wanted. The kids had a great time opening all their gifts from us, from grandparents, from relatives, but most fun of all...from Santa. Jackson kept saying over and over, "How did Santa know....?" Ahhh...the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Russ surprised me with some running equipment, which was a complete surprise...and even I surprised myself when I started getting all emotional on him when opening my IPOD! He of course had to make the comment about being like his mother, which is just fine...we can cry if we want to! But I think I was emotional because Russ usually buys me whatever is on sale, or what HE thinks I should want...which isn't a bad thing, but I could tell that he had really tried getting me things that I would really use, and that I would enjoy - and I hadn't even asked for! I am so lucky to have three wonderful MALES in my life, and I feel truly blessed. We had Christmas morning breakfast at the Keslers, and then took the kids to Alvin and the Chipmunks later that afternoon. We missed our families for sure, but it was nice to have a quieter Christmas day at home, and make some of our own fun memories - with just our little family.

Jackson's year of plenty!

As I thought about the last year in how Jackson's grown and changed, one thing has stayed the same...he can be as sweet as pie most of the time. He really is a good boy, very obedient, and for the most part, a peacemaker. I was laughing tonight, as once again, Max was "picking" on him, and once again, Jackson was doing nothing to retaliate back. He doesn't usually hurt Max on purpose, and is a very big protector over his brother. And he prefers playing with Max most of the time. This is all very sweet for me to watch as a mother of them! What was funny though, on Max's birthday, Jackson says to me - very concerned..."Mom, is 3 still older than 2?" "Yes, you are still older than Max, Jackson..." "Good, I can still beat Max up then..." was his reply. (I couldn't stop laughing, only because he doesn't ever beat up Max - especialy because he's "bigger" than him!) And even if he did, I know Max can hold his own - from experience! Jackson, we love you, and are blessed to have you as the oldest of our family!
Our first trip to Disneyland this year - January, 2007 with his cousin, Lydia

April, 2007

One thing about Jackson...he can take some pretty cute pictures! I don't know how sometimes, but he sure has some great moments! -May, 2007

Jackson took off with swimming this year - all on his own. He has become a great swimmer, and was so much fun in the pool this year! -June, 2007

Jackson's favorite person in the whole wide world, and partner in crime!

"The Green Booger" - as Papa calls it...-July, 2007

Sept, 2007

October, 2007 with Jade

This is a face we're unfortunately seeing more and's not my favorite, but it's definitely one that's a Jackson trademark.

Jackson and Sydney, December, 2007

Jackson and Aunt Sparkley

First things first...happy birthday Jackson!

Since our Christmas week is so hectic and crazy, we celebrated Jackson's birthday several different ways...we had a party at Pump It Up with his friends for the second year in a row, we went bowling with my dad and 2 brothers, had yummy birthday cake a few times, and then went bowling again on his birthday with the Ogdens and the Keslers. He had such a great time on his birthday with his friends, and we are so lucky to have such great friends!

The party at Pump It Up...Jackson and Max both LOVE this place, and it's fun for the adults too!

We realized Max is no longer unable to do things himself, and is quite the dare devil coming down the slides....backwards on his head works, right??!!

All of Jackson's favorite girlfriends!

The cupcakes we made for the party, and for his pre-school class...Jackson liked these ones the most. (thank you Michelle for telling me about these! If you can't tell what they are supposed to be, they are Christmas tree ornaments...Russ still doesn't see it! But I thought they were fun and so did Jackson - so that's all that matters!)

Breakfast with animal waffles! Thank you Grammi!

Papa even came down here for the party! (or for the BYU game, but we were still happy to have him, Kyler, and Colton for a few days!! Thanks guys!)

Uncle Kyler was so good at entertaining and playing with the boys! We love Uncle Kyler!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Max!

Here's some pictures of today's was a full day, that's for sure. We didn't realize how full it would be - with more than we bargained for. I'll let the pictures do some of the explaining...
The morning started off with a bang - with candles in the french toast...this was the only thing that Max liked about his birthday for awhile! Every time you asked who's birthday it was, he would yell "daddy's!" But if you asked him who wanted to blow out the candles, he would scream "more!" Very funny kid.

I sucked it up, and took them to Burger King playland for over 2 hours this afternoon, which they had an absolute ball at!

The reason we had four very tired and onery children tonight - putting off dinner for as long as we could stand - and telling them all "No! Just a few more minutes" every time one of them would want to touch the cake...(Um, I know this is pure evil, and I can say this only because everyone was okay in Russ's "little" collision tonight....but Suzanne, what goes around comes around, right??!!)

Alas, we finally made it to the birthday cake part of the night...

Oh it doesn't get any better than this!

All safe and full of cake...thank goodness...I think the 2nd birthday was a success for the most part. We'll see what happens with Russ tomorrow at work - since he doesn't have a work car for awhile now...

We love our MAX!!

Since today is Max's 2nd birthday,I think it's apporpriate to put some of this little man's faces on here over the last year. He really is such a ham, and has such a funny - but determined little personality...and can make me laugh and cry all in a few seconds. He's definitely Jackson's best friend, and we all are wrapped around his finger - MOST of the time. He is very smart, and even though we can't understand all of his words yet, I am almost convinced that he just doesn't care about talking to us in the way that we wish he would. He gets his point across just fine, and we all adore him to pieces. We love you Max, and we are so lucky to have you part of our family! We can't believe our little boy is already 2!!
January, 2007

February, 2007 - This is not of his face, but those of you that know Max know what this picture is all about....I think this is when the "blankie sucking obsession" started! It hasn't gotten any better, only worse!

April, 2007

May, 2007

June, 2007

July, 2007 - didn't realize he had climbed in the bath already without my help!

Auguest, 2007 - pretty pink face with my make-up

October, 2007

November, 2007 - I already explained this face in a previous blog!

Taken today, on his birthday - in the bathroom of all places! But it's just such a good place to take a picture of his cute face!