Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gotta Love It...

I was going to blog this the other night, because it was such a fun night...but I didn't realize it would be the last fun night we would have for a little bit! Monday night, Jackson woke up with let's just, some stomach issues - which ended up being an all-nighter event with more than a few accidents. (I'm talking about the runny poop accidents here...) Anyway, that went on all night the next morning, we were all wiped out. So a few puking incidences later, and now Max with a high fever and a nasty cough, here we are...still hanging out in the comfort of our germ-infested home, wondering when we are actually going to be able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having down here!

Anyway, back to what I was going to blog about...every Monday night, WITHOUT fail, when Russ and I say something about family home evening, Jackson will blurt out, "I want to have FHE with the Shumways!" We have never had FHE with the Shumways, so I'm not sure what he always has in mind, but we finally had them over that night, and the boys were super happy and hyper together, and a good time was had by all. (And it sounds like it was the last good time any of us have had!) Sorry Janet! Russ did a great Easter lesson, the boys were able to be silly and maybe even learn something at the same time, and we loved the green dessert Janet brought over to share, since it was St. Patty's Day. (the cake was still good tasting, no matter what you say!)
By the way, Aaron...if you were not feeling great that night, you are a great faker! The kids kept talking about wresting Brother Shumway after you left!

I took this picture that same night, before all the other crap hit - because they boys were so cute and happy about their matching jammies that I found on sale at Children's Place for $3! I miss those sweet smiling faces!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

UNtalented Night...

The night that we got home from Utah, our ward had a night of UN talents, and every presidency was asked to come up with something to perform...I am going to post this for my presidency - and for anyone else that was there to witness our "amazing" untalent, but this was so much funnier being the ones in it. Some of our Valiant girls were behind as our arms and hands, and Russ didn't even capture the really funny "lipstick" putting on during the performance, but it was still funny to watch it again...I think the Valiant girls had fun doing it with us too.

As long as the night was, it was a great time - lots of laughter, and a great idea by our activities committe. I took a lot of pictures that night, but for some reason, they didn't turn out very good. The only pictures that turned out I have posted. (The one taken of my "arms" - and what attempt she had made to put my lipstick on during the performance, and then my favorite one of our bishop, who was a candidate for our own American Idol, singing his heart and soul to "Book of Mormon Stories." Other highlights that will not be forgotten was our Relief Society presidency rapping and dancing - then bagpiping it, the swimming/dancing Olympic ladies, our bishopric acting as Sunbeams and "singing", the YM's American Idol - with Russ as Randy, Zach as Paula, and Rodney as Simon, Janet's story time - as well as her "other" performance...(not sure what to even call that one!!) and the high priests group song of old men. There were many other great performances, so way to go everyone that has so many untalents in our ward!

It's good to be with family, and it's good to be home!

We just spent the past week with my family in Utah, and enjoyed mostly just them for a few days! I knew I wanted to go to Utah sometime this month, because my adored father had both knees replaced, and has been having a slower recovery than he would like, and has been in need of some cheering up...but then my sister ended up flying in as well, so we left in a hurry to go and spend some time with her and my very cute niece, Kaylee! As I think back on what we did, and what I would want to remember about this trip, there wasn't one outstanding thing that came to my mind. We did plenty of fun things as a family...going out to lunches, renting movies and staying up late, playing games for hours on end, going to story time at the library, etc. but the most fun thing was just enjoying their company, and not running around like a mad woman - trying to see everyone and do everything.

My favorite thing that Jackson keeps saying to people when they ask about his grandpa and how he's doing is this...."My grandpa's knees weren't working right, so they cut them up and now he can't walk very good." Um, that about sums it up, huh dad??? (is that what you pay for when you have your knees replaced???) My dad is a very special person to me and to my kids, and we were very sad to see him going a little slower than he would like to be going. However, his knees "not working" didn't stop him from playing their favorite game - "chase us" as they call it with them! He was slow, but he still scared the heck out of them anyway, and they loved every minute of it.
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We did take an afternoon, and went to the the Gateway Discovery museum with some of our good friends, and had a great time with the kids there. Jackson had been there one other time, and all he could remember about it was how cool the ball thing was...and it still was just as cool, but there were so many more things that they had a great time with! We could have probably spent another 2 hours there with the older kids, but the younger ones had just about had it by the end of it. What a FUN time it is there! Thanks girls for all the fun!
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Monday, March 3, 2008

More fun memories...

Saturday we took advantage of what the Marriot time share had to offer that the Kesler's were staying at. The kids had a blast at the basketball court, the sand box, putt-putting around the little course, and sitting around the "magical" fire. (it was turned on by a switch, just like in a home!) Then we went and got sandwiches and ate a picnic at the park. It was colder that day, but they still had fun.

There's nothing better in the world than wearing your kids out so much, that they go RIGHT to sleep, without any arguments! They were so cute and wiped out, and were holding hands for part of their cute!

Disneyland is the most magical place on earth...

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Seriously, it doesn't matter how many times we go there - with friends, with family, by's always a great time! Michelle and I took the kids down a day earlier than what was planned, and the husbands met up with us the next day. But we had SO much fun with the Keslers! And Friday afternoon, my cousin, Jessica met us there with her little girl, Charlotte...and the boys loved getting reaquainted with them too! You would think after so many trips to Disneyland, it would get old...but I think it just gets better and better. Some of our favorite memories of this trip:
1. Going to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe with the kids the first night. The kids were first TERRIFIED of the animals that come to "life" and make noises, but then learned how cool they were, and went around telling all of the animals good bye by the end of the night.
2. Sleeping in one hotel room with all four kids the first night! We didn't think it was that crazy of an idea until about 3 in the morning...when poor Gavin still hadn't really gotten into a good sleep, and was on alert for most of the night, when Max kept coughing. (Poor Michelle was up with her kids at 6:00 that morning, while mine slept through it all!) Still a good memory anyway...
3. Sydey's excitement for EVERYTHING. There was not one thing that girl wanted to miss out on, since it was her first real time there, and Jackson had told her everything that he was excited was very cute! She wasn't afraid of anything, and even went on the Peter Pan ride with a nice lady and her daughter behind us in line, because they wouldn't let me take all 3 kids on the ride by myself. She could have cared less about who she rode with!
4. Sydney trying for a good 15 minutes to get Goofy's attention, and then finally getting it, and Goofy coming up to her and Jackson, taking each of their hands, and walked around the park with them for about 3 minutes, while Michelle and I were trying to get a hold of Max and Gavin, running after them, and trying to get pictures all at the same time. It was very funny, and priceless to watch their faces as they got to do this. (However, we were behind them most of the time, so getting a good picture of it did not happen!)
5. Jackson going on Tower of Terror, Matterhorn, Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain three times each. I don't know how that all happened, but it did, and he was excited for most of the times, but he was a trooper the other times, for Sydney's sake I think. Their conversations were so cute after the ride. "Jackson, that was the best!" "I know Sydney! But I don't want to do it again right now..." The last few times we have been to Disneyland, he has not wanted to go on the Matterhorn, because of the scary abominable snowman...but we talked him into going on it this time. When we were done riding it, they took our car off the track for some reason, and had us wait there for about 10 minutes, and then let us ride it again for being patient. (They didn't know that this was not really appreciated by my son! He didn't really want to go again!) :)
6. Max and Jackson loving on little Charlotte. They both adored her and thought she was the cutest thing ever...which she is. Jackson kept saying, "I want to ride this with Jessica!" He adored Jess and Char, who were very kind to him in return.
7. Max "driving" the Autopia cars! When I say driving, I mean steering, but if you have been on this ride, you know that if you hit the sides, it really jerks you around, and the kids look like they are going to fall out. The last time we did this, Max was in the car with Russ, and kept yelling at him when Russ would try and take the wheel, saying "Max do it!" But this time, every time he would get crazy, and crash into the median cement, and it would jerk him around, he would look at me, and say, "Mom do it?" Very sweet and sincere.
8. Max giving Mickey Mouse a hug, and blowing him kisses. He was very excited to see Mickey, and was not the least bit scared of him. He LOVED Mickey, and loved having his Mickey t-shirt on to see him.
9. Riding the train after all the fun on the 2nd day, and the kids were in heaven, just watching all that there was to see. Jackson had asked if the dinosaurs were real and the train attendant overheard him, and said, "No, but they DO like the color pink, so anyone that is wearing that color better watch out!" (Of course I had on a pink sweatshirt, so Jackson kept his eyes on them and me the whole time during that part....) And when I wore the sweatshirt the next day, (not at Disneyland!) he informed me that I better be careful because dinosaurs like that color. I don't know if he was kidding or not, but it was funny.
10. Just being with my family and the Kesler's, and having a good time! We had such a fun trip with them, and will go back and do it again I'm sure. Thanks guys, it was great!