Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For anyone out there that loves a great shot...

I am posting this on my blog, because there is no way I will remember to tell everyone, so if you're interested, call me and let me know. My sister-in-law from Montana is coming down here at the end of the month, and is VERY talented in the photography department. Many of you have asked me where we got our big family picture in our living room taken, and now she is bringing/offering her services to Las Vegas...SO...for anyone that has a want for a great photo shoot of any kind - whether it be your family, your child/children, etc. call me and let me know! She is going to be here Saturday, June 7, and is willing to do pictures for whomever. She will be here all weekend long, and doesn't fly out until Tuesday morning, so we have a few times to work with...her price is very reasonable, so please call me and get more details. For any of you that haven't had someone just take some candid pictures of your family or your children, you're missing out! These are the best ones, and by far my favorite, and she will capture every moment that you can imagine. She will edit the pictures on her own, make you a CD and even give you prints if you want, so there are some great options! You can link to her photography blog from mine, so check it out for yourself, Kristin's Photography Blog...

I swear I don't swear at my kids!

There are two things to share tonight that are definitely blog worthy, but I know most of you out there are going to be thinking, "Uh huh, sure....we believe you Denett..." But it's true, I don't remember swearing at my kids. Anyway, with that being said, this video is for your appreciation only for what I go through on a daily basis with Max. For those that know and hear my little Max talk, it's amazing that we can even understand him sometimes. I told my sister this story, and what she said was DEAD on. Listening to your kids tell you something is like playing one crazy game of mad gab. Except sometimes, there are no winners, and there are no answer cheat sheets. Just one extremely frustrated little boy, and one laughing or frazzled momma (depends on the day!) So this is the story, for those who haven't heard it already.

Max came and got my hand a few days ago and said, "Get dressed momma." No problem, we walk into his room, and we start getting him undressed. And then the drama starts. For 5 straight minutes, all I keep hearing is "boa sh**!" out of his mouth over and over and over and over and over again. I KNOW what I keep hearing, but I KNOW there is NO way he is saying what I am hearing. And I couldn't keep from laughing - even though I had NO CLUE what he was saying. He finally got mad enough to climb up his dresser, only to pull out his BOAT SHIRT, which is what he had been screaming at me the whole time, if I would have only had a cheat sheet for that one...

My other story is about Jackson, and I don't know how these stories both happened to fall in the same week. But it too deserves a laugh that comes slightly out of embarrassment of where he could have heard it. (In my defense, I did ask him where he had heard it, and he could not remember!!) Anyway, this morning, we were reading scriptures in bed, when Max decided to go and grab his stuffed animal from his room to hear scriptures too. Jackson jumped up to go and "help" him, which Max did NOT want, and started melting down screaming, "Max do it, Max do it!!" The next thing I hear is Jackson screaming at the top of his lungs, "What the freaking hell??!!" at Max, and then comes into my room, shaking his head. Again, I repeat, I SWEAR I have not said this to my sweet son, but who knows...I'm sure I have blocked that one out of my memory if I did.

One thing after another!

Yes, I realize it's been a little longer than usual since my last entry (thank you to all those who tell me weekly/daily/hourly!) but it's not because we have had nothing going on and have nothing to share...exactly the opposite. We have had family in town, friends in town, and lots of fun offers along the way. So instead of breaking them up into all these different entries, we're going to try and get them all into one. Hopefully all that care about what is going on in these pictures will see what they wanted to see! My apologies, my life is not normally THIS crazy as it has been the past few weeks.

The first group of pictures are from my family coming down for a few days and visiting with us over conference weekend. Their visit was short and sweet, but we did get to take them on the Mountains Edge hike that the boys love, play at the park that they love, and just play games and enjoy their company. We love having family come and visit, especially when it's family that we don't see down here very often! Thanks mom and dad, it was fun having you guys here!

After they left, we got to meet Lesa and her kids, and Miranda and her kids at the Clark County fair in Logandale. We took Alisa and Layden with us, and I have to say - being from a small town - with a fair every year that I thought was great....the Clark County fair was AWESOME. We will go back every year. The kids absolutely LOVED it, and had such a great time looking and petting (most) of the animals, riding the train, playing with their friends, watching the mokey show, and of course, going on the fair rides. They actually had more than enough rides for them all to ride, and the kids would have stayed all night if we would have let them. Jackson and Maya were very cute and brave going on the big ferris wheel and on the big rocking boat - that goes high in the air - with their hands high up in the air and giggling non stop. It was a great fair, and we wished we could have spent more time there...for all of you local Las Vegas people, make the fair next year a must-go, because you will not be disappointed.
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The next pictures are from the Princes' visit down here for a few days, and our very fast trip to Disneyland with them, and then camping with the Hulets and the Carruths. Trista brought just Bryns and Stock down here for a fast and fun getaway, and we hung out one day with the Ogdens at Toni's mom's house, swimming, eating, and having fun catching up. Then we bravely took all four kids by ourselves for a very fun and quick trip to Disneyland. The kids had a blast, as usual, but this trip was the first time that Max got to be just like his older brother, and got to share in Jackson's crazy obsession for rollar coasters...because Max was finally tall enough for the Mickey Mouse rollar coaster in Toon town. I didn't really think he was going to be tall enough, but he barely made it, and he had a PERMA grin on the entire 20 second ride. (not exaggerating on the 20 seconds, either!) He kept screaming, "Max tall enough!" over and over again, and was very excited. (We rode that dang ride with all four kids, who shared in his new found love for this ride probably 15 times....they LOVED IT.) Anyway, it was so fun to have Trista and her cute kids with us - even if it was for a few days, and we love you guys!
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Now onto the camping...I'm still smiling over the fun we had with our friends in the "mountains" a week ago. We loaded the car for just one night, and had a big campfire with tin foil dinners, lots of marshmallows and gooey chocolate and the crackers...nothing was left out! I can't believe how good all of the kids were, and how excited they were helping with everything. Jackson, Max, and Lincoln couldn't "help" out enough with the fire, and I thought for sure one of them was going to have an accident, but they were all so fun and we had a blast. I'm still not sure what my favorite memories were....Kate's rendition of an actual "bathroom" in the wilderness because she doesn't believe in squatting, Zack coming back with a whole tree that I swear he must have chopped down himself in the 10 minutes he was gone (after Emilee and I had spent a half hour collecting firewood with the kids, and making what we THOUGHT was a pretty good pile), staying up until 1:00 in the morning playing ONE MORE game of Settlers, or the four wheeling trips the next morning, and shooting Zack's gun. It was all so fun, and we have to hand it to the Hulets...they DEFINITELY know how to go camping. Thanks guys, we MUST do it again!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I know a movie star!

I have meant to post this all week long in hopes to spread the word...but hopefully word will get out anyway. A good friend of mine, Joel Scoville, went and tried out for the FOX show, "Don't Forget the Lyrics," and actually GOT ON, DID IT, and her show is AIRING tomorrow night at 9:00 pm for those that live here...(I'm guessing 8:00 pm for those that live in Utah?)

Anyway, we are all so excited to watch it tomorrow night with her, since NONE of us know how much money she won, or how far she got to go, but she's darling, and it will be a good show - even if you don't normally watch the show. One of her questions she was asked in one of the interviews was why they should pick her - or maybe why they should air the show - I'm not sure...but her response was "Because I will get EVERY Las Vegas MORMON to watch the show if you do!" the show, TIVO the show, whatever ya gotta do...pass the word along! Our local gal is a movie star!! (oh she would shoot me right now if she read this!)

We love spring!

We have been so lucky lately with such beautiful weather, and my kids are getting the itch for summer to get here already! I don't know how many times Jackson has asked me in his sweetest voice if we can go swimming yet or not, but we are definitely ready for those warmer days that we are used to! The boys have been having so much fun playing outside with friends, it's hard not to capture every moment of their excitement!

We also visited the Springs Preserve museum last week with a bunch of friends, and the kids LOVED it. I know some of you have been there already, and I have heard such great things about it, but I was not prepared for the kids to want to stay there all day long! We went inside and played outside as well, and I know they could have spent a lot more time in both...they had a GREAT time. If any of you live here and haven't been yet, GO!
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday WEEK?!

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I don't know how I got to celebrate my birthday for 5 days now...but somehow, that's how it has felt, and I am such a lucky woman! My family and friends made sure that it was a day to be remembered and loved. First off, THANK YOU to everyone that called me that day, just to wish me a happy birthday...I was overwhelmed with phone calls from so many friends and family, and I appreciated it! One of my girlfriends had commented earlier that week something about how birthdays suck, but I disagree! Although I don't expect anything big or spectacular, I LOVE my birthday - just for that I get to talk to so many friends and family that I don't get to talk to very often.

The birthday celebration started on Thursday night, when a bunch of girlfriends from the ward all met at BJ's for some yummy dessets - to celebrate a couple of girls' birthdays with everyone, and it was a good time! The pazookies lived up to their claim to fame, and I'm pretty sure they kicked off my weight gain over the long weekend! THEY WERE YUMMY. We were happily SURPRISED from a visit from our bishop and counselor (over primary) to sing Happy Birthday to us, which was very sweet...(hey, singing in front of 30 women can be a little intimidating!) And then a group of us decided the night was still young, and went bowling at Red Rock. (oohhh....I am NOT 21 anymore, and realized that staying out so late does NOT pay off the next morning when you have to be MOM again!) But it was such a fun night, and thank you Kate for getting it all organized - and to everyone else that came out! I am blessed to have such fun girlfriends in my ward!

The boys were so excited it was my birthday, and Max kept saying "mommy princess today?" (Obviously, Russ had tried to grill it in his head earlier??!) And every time that Max was being sassy or mouthy, Jackson would remind him "Max, it's mommy's birthday today, remember? We have to be nice to her!" (hahaha) We spent the morning together playing at a park, then went to lunch and shopping with some friends across town. The night couldn't have ended better - with Russ and the boys taking me to Famous Dave's for a bbq dinner, where the boys CHOWED on ribs. Jackson still hasn't gotten to make me a cake for my birthday, since they gave me a free dessert that night, and he's so sweet in reminding me that we still need to do that.

Russ had gotten a sitter for Saturday afternoon/evening and surprised me by taking me to the temple and then to see Mamma Mia! I didn't remember to bring my camera that night, but I wish I would have, just to get his picture there - in the middle of all these crazy women, who were going NUTS dancing to the music and singing along. (Russ called them the menopausal women, but I didn't think it was very nice!) The musical was cute, and Russ never fails to surprise me with something fun for my birthday. He's the best!

I still got to celebrate until Tuesday, when a group of my girlfriends took me out again to dinner...the only thing I can say about this is that I am one lucky woman to be blessed with so many wonderful people in my life, and I do not take any of it for granted. I was brought to tears a few times during the night with so many thoughtful things that they did and said...thanks girls!

Better late than never...HaPpY EaStEr!!

Although I have about 100 pictures to go through from the last few days of fun things that have gone on, I need to start with our Easter weekend - which was a memorable one...I don't know that it was the best one that we've had, but it's one to be remembered for sure! For those that weren't aware, Max had been diagnosed with pneumonia. (is that how you spell that???) He had been running a fever for a week, with no other symptoms, but then started the coughing...and Russ also had gotten it and Jackson had something else. (Jackson puking in the middle of Burlington Coat Factory - in a shoe box - was NOT one of our best moments)...So our weekend of eating SUGAR didn't quite happen, which was okay, because that helped us focus on what the holiday is supposed to be all about anyway. Jackson was VERY excited to be in primary that day, and inform EVERYONE there in the middle of the lesson about Jesus's resurrection and what that meant. -He's not one to speak up much in primary, so this was a shock to me! Sometimes they really do listen, and they even want to tell everyone else about it - and it's a good thing!

Anyway, we didn't get a Sunday Easter picture due to Max being a miserable mess, and having to go home right after the sacrament with Russ, but we did get a few of the more fun times of that weekend. Poor Max had to be coaxed and bribed to even do the few egg hunts that we did with friends. Jackson had a blast, of course, and keeps asking us - even now when we are going to do the "colored" eggs...(oh yeah, we never got to that either...maybe he will forget about it??)