Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shoe Fettish

Is it possible to have a shoe fettish when you're only 18 months? Because I'm pretty sure someone has one. This cute boy is often fishing everyones shoes out of our shoe basket downstairs, and seeing how far he can get in them before he falls on his face in his "clown looking" shoes. It continues to crack me up. You would think he would learn that it's not as fun wearing others shoes, because he really can't walk in them very well, but it doesn't seem to matter. When friends come over, they are not exempt to the shoe thief. In fact, they are probably more tempting because he hasn't had the opportunity to wear them yet. He loves, loves, loves shoes. His new found love for shoes would be "fip fops" as he calls them. He walks around in them, and points to them often, talking to his fip fops. The only problem with this little shoe fettish is we can't find our shoes half the time. And just because there is one in the basket doesn't mean the other one will be there to accompany it!

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