Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So inappropriate

Yes, that is what this is. But it's also one of the funniest things that Max has done that had me almost peeing my pants.

Most of the things this boy does that he thinks is funny is mostly inappropriate, and I feel like I'm constantly reminding him to stop using "potty talk" or that what he's doing is not funny. But not this time.

I had bought him new underwear. Over the summer, he and Jackson had found a new love for the cartoon "Phineas and Ferb." Whatever. There are lots of other things more disturbing than this silly and funny cartoon. So I thought he would like if I bought him some Phineas and Ferb underwear.

I washed it, didn't pay much attention to what the underwear actually looked like, until my son came down in one of the pair, pulled down his pants and full on mooned me:

Like father, like son. But this one struck me in the funny bone for sure. Thank you Max and Perry the Platypus.


Emily B said...

We (even Kevin and I) love Phineas and Ferb at our house too. Braden just had a birthday, and his grandma got him a little Perry mask that looks just like the face on Max's bum. I bet you get a lot of inappropriate being the only girl in a house full of boys.

Emilee said...

Guess what Caitlyn is watching behind me? Yep Phineas and Ferb! I love that he mooned you... on his onw!